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IAA places high value on structuring its academic programs so that everyone can be successful. Many different components make that possible. Small class sizes, multi-grade settings, and individual tutoring are all possibilities at our school. We offer a challenging curriculum that can and is altered to meet the needs of varying students. We also recognize students in grades 3-8 for their academic accomplishments with Honor Roll awards at each graduation ceremony. The staff at IAA also understand that there needs to be opportunities for outside professionals and experts to share their expertise with students; therefore, we welcome guest speakers and leaders, host a bi-yearly Science Fair and Culture Day, have an extensive Reading Program, and get involved with local events such as spelling bees and “Speech Meets.”

S.I.T.A is the national authority for all school accreditations. The nation is divided into regions for accrediting purposes. The authorized body under S.I.T.A. for our area is NCAA, “North Central Accrediting Association.” NCAA accredits all public schools in the states in our region.

Intermountain Adventist Academy is recognized as an accredited private school by NCAA. It is also fully accredited by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, which is a member of the National Council of Private School Accreditation.


Leadership Opportunities:

IAA believes that making strong leaders is essential to the future of this country and for our discipleship and Christian leadership opportunities in life. Such programs as peer-to-peer learning/tutoring, Reading Buddies across different age groups, as well as many opportunities to lead out in school programs such as chapel or worships, or other venues such as church performances: singing, speaking, drama, testimonies, praying, etc. We encourage students to “mentor” one another when possible, and welcome the varying age groups to interact with each other in positive, meaningful ways to foster healthy relationships among all age groups.


CHERISH: “To acquire wisdom is to love oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper.” Proverbs 19:8

CHERISH is an acronym that expresses the core of the Adventist school’s mission. Each category addresses a different component that we feel is crucial to the development of the academic, social, mental, and spiritual facets of one’s self. This theme is incorporated into our chapels, daily worships, and personal lives as we dwell upon these critical aspects.


Outreach and Service Opportunities:

Because of our strong belief that Christ expects us to care for each other, we place a strong emphasis on teaching students to serve one another and the world around them. We encourage them to look for opportunities to be servant-leaders, in the classroom and in all walks of life. We incorporate some specific programs at IAA to teach this understanding. Once a month, the whole school is involved in a service project that is geared to meet all the different age levels. We have:

  • presented thank-you gifts to fire stations and police stations
  • served food to the homeless at a local soup kitchen and decorated the tables
  • made fleece blankets for a shelter, gathered supplies such as toilet paper/toiletries for various shelters
  • participated in community park clean-ups
  • started a “truck-stop” ministry
  • presented programs for grandparents, veterans, and residents at a local nursing home
  • thanked our neighbors near the church and school with candy/cards, and calendars

We also host a yearly Reading Program in which the students are encouraged to raise money through pledges to benefit an outreach project. Some past projects have been:

  • raising money for goats to feed village children in Nigeria
  • raising money to build a shed for a Native American reservation in Arizona; this was followed up by a team of students and parents going to the reservation and building the shed
  • raising money to purchase hand radios for an orphanage in Africa


Extra-curricular Activities and Enrichment Classes:

We at IAA want to help students to well-versed and able in many areas of life. Exposure to different skills and learning also helps to students to have a career-minded focus for the future. Classes vary from year-to-year; these are some that we have held:

  • swimming at local university
  • cooking
  • health
  • gardening
  • language study (Japanese, Spanish, sign-language)
  • archery
  • gymnastics
  • model airplane building
  • Colorado plants
  • Adventurer program
  • Yearbook creation


Health Emphasis:

Knowing that a healthy body has a huge impact on learning and success, the staff and volunteers at IAA believe that we should teach and promote a healthy lifestyle. Some facets of our program that show this are:

  • Homemade, well-balanced vegetarian meals that are offered for purchase on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Allergy awareness/sensitivity
  • Daily P.E. classes offered
  • Participation in local Track and Field Day
  • Participation in Presidential Healthy Lifestyle Program
  • Emphasis on “Creation:Health” which incorporates all forms of healthy living, including maintaining healthy relationships and dealing with stress factors


Spiritual Growth Opportunities:

One of our main goals is to prepare students for the future in Heaven. We provide many opportunities for growth that are taught very intentionally and woven in and out of our daily schedules.

  • Weekly whole-school Chapels with varying presentations and the teaching of CHERISH components
  • Weekly whole-school Bible studies led by local pastors
  • Baptismal classes for grades 3-8 led by local pastors
  • Week-of-Prayer, scheduled two times a year for the entire school that utilizes local talent and guest speakers
  • Daily Classroom worships
  • Bible class as part of curriculum taught daily in classrooms
  • Opportunities for witnessing and  sharing in all of these venues


Fine Arts Involvement:

  • Music classes taught bi-weekly
  • Music opportunities for learning voice/choral rhythm, recorders, desk bells, and hand chimes
  • Presentations at churches, nursing homes, and programs at IAA.
  • Music Festival participation at Campion Academy in Loveland, CO once a year for students in grades 5-8
  • Private music lesson opportunites, such as guitar, offered after school on a for-hire basis
  • Art classes offered bi-monthly at local Art Center for students in grades K-8 as part of curriculum